Car Brake Fluid Tester diagnostic tools Oil Quality

Car Brake Fluid Tester diagnostic tools  Oil Quality 


5 Measurement: 5 LED indicators for more accurate testing

High Precision Probe: Made of high-precision materials, the test is accurate

High Quality Material: With black surface treatment, the product is rust-proof, durable and wear-resistant

Anti Slip Design: The product is frosted, comfortable in touch feel, not easy to slide down

Simple Operation: Press the switch to turn on the power supply, and the green LED indicates that the battery is normal, If the green light is not on, it means the battery needs to be replaced


1. Brake fluid tester is suitable for determining brake fluid quality.

2. Brake fluid tester determines the humidity change of brake fluid according to the change of conductivity.

3. Humidity is clearly displayed by light emitting diodes. High water content will lower boiling point and then affect braking performance.

4. Red indicates that the brake fluid needs to be replaced immediately, green indicates that the brake fluid is in good condition, and yellow indicates that the brake fluid remains in good condition but will change.

5. Designing cable-free connectors, fast and convenient.

Directions For Use:

5 LEDs indicate percentage of water in brake fluid:

0% LED: Water content in brake fluid.

1% LED: water content, H2O ≤ 1%, brake fluid above standard.

2% LED: water content, H2O ≤ 2%, still usable.

3% LED: water content, H2O ≤ 3%, brake fluid recommended to be replaced.

4% LED: water content, H2O ≥ 4%, brake fluid must be replaced.


1. please wipe it clean with dry cloth or paper towel after use, which can prolong the service life of the test pen.

2. Due to international air transportation, we will not provide batteries.

Package included:

1x Brake Fluid Tester (1.5V AAA battery not included)

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